The replaced body (Sketchbook on an armenian actress performing a visionary gynoid into overdrive)

Realización: Lucas Laujedo García
Producción: Lucas Laujedo García (WIYU)
Música: Fannullare
Reparto: Anna Kokchyan, Amalia Amiryan, Arthur Hayrapetyan, Sargis Ayvazyan, David Sargsyan, Albert Melkonyan, John Frey, Lusine Vernyan, Vahagn Arakelyan
Año: 2012
Duración: 42’
Formato: 16:9
Versión original en Inglés

“The replaced body” describes an arbitrary armenian girl’s summer day in Yerevan. The video is presented in a traditionally cinematographic manner, based on the vision of the character with whom the identification is established. In one hand we have the cinema as a declining institution that switches from its hegemonic psychological identification to a sensory experience ground, while in the other hand runs correlative the activity of the environment in which the video is developed, like as in the case of the ancient domains of the cinematographic institution as values source is already part of a time that gets displaced in front of any future attempt. In other words that’s a video about a crisis of the identity codes.

Sección oficial de la muestra audiovisual Pantalla Fantasma 2013.



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