Ebir nari (Beyond the river)

Realizadores: Danny Winkler & Emilia Loseva
Guión: Emilia Loseva
Música: Danny Winkler
Fotografía: Danny Winkler
Edición: Danny Winkler & Emilia Loseva
Año: 2009
Duración: 65’
Formato: 4:3
Versión original en Inglés
!!!! (Puede contener imágenes no recomendables)

Reflecting hidden places in mind and space, Ebir Nari traces a story of mythical geography and ancient death ritual, shot in India, the Caucasus and England. Inspired by the concept of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the film is a raw contemplation on the images of life and the hereafter, which smears intellectual borders and reassembles the spiritual atlas of human beliefs.

The foundation of the narration is a sketch, a drawing, a landscape of a language with all its variety of discursive formations and surrogates. It is a synthetic story, the conglomerate of all likenesses, reflections and human delusions. Intertextuality layers text over text, meaning over meaning, creating the wholeness of a metatext where the objective referents dissolve in linguasphere. In harmony with the pictures the plot develops into the marginal tale of a cartographer.

Sección oficial de la muestra audiovisual Pantalla Fantasma 2013.



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