Director: Damon Packard
Guión: Damon Packard
Producción: Damon Packard (Union Gallery)
Música: Tangerine Dream
Fotografía: Damon Packard
Edición: Damon Packard
Reparto: Paris Wagner, Khris Kaneff, Rigg Kennedy, Lori McShane, Bob Ellis, Sara de la Isla, Cassie Yeager, John Karyus, Erica Rhodes
Año: 2012
Duración: 61’
Formato: 16:9
Versión Original en Inglés

A sweet, frazzled, fragile, mentally unbalanced young girl obsessed with crystals, dolphins, Plieadians, David Icke and Richard Hoagland becomes increasingly disillusioned with the realm of the new age. In particular her obsession and connection with the Billy Meier Pleiadian contacts. She is evicted from her room and forced into the outside world subject to the effects of “The Dead Zone”. A world we know as a time not meant to exist. A period where everything turns in circles, where the true original experience of life simply doesn’t exist anymore. Now she must discover the secret of the year 1982 and it’s connection to the present day 2012.

Sección Especial de la muestra audiovisual Pantalla Fantasma 2013.



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