The “Muestra Pantalla Fantasma” (Phantom Screen Festival) is open to audiovisual bordering-experimental pieces, as long as they last a minimum of 40 minutes.

The right to take part is free. The participation to the contest is compatible with other prizes or grants received.

Deadline: October 31, 2012

The format for the pieces is Mpeg DVD PAL on DVD video, by post envy, by Movibeta or sent by internet with direct download link (Dropbox,…). You can make your online submission in here. Once your movie is uploaded at our film fest and category you can upload the press kit and data. If you have questions about the service check the FAQ or feel free to contact us at

If the original language of the piece were other than Spanish, the author must enclose to the organization of the Festival, Spanish or English subtitles in the mentioned feature film.

The personal information requested in the entry form (name, e-mail and phone number) is required so as to contact the contestants. It will be stored in our data base and will not be used for other purposes than this contest.

The piece must be forwarded accompanied by the entry form attached. The expenses for delivery are responsibility of the contestant. If it’s a post envy, the entry form and the DVD with the audiovisual piece must be sent to the following address:

(Att. Jorge Núñez)
C/ Prim 37 – 4 DD
48006 Bilbao (Basque Country)

635 74 41 67 (Jorge)

 Selection. Phantom Screen Festival will do a selection of the submitted movies based on the criteria of the organization, as follows: seeking for subversions of the audiovisual language, destructive and bordering ideas.

Entrants will receive information by e-mail of the result of the selection before the 1st of December of 2012, if their piece has been selected. The selector committee can propose that any of the dismissed form part of an informative selection of the Festival. The selected pieces will be included in the schedule and in other publications from the Festival. Once included in the schedule, the pieces can not be unilaterally withdrawn from the competition.

Prize. Be selected up to ten movies. Each one will be awarded the amount of 300 € (from which subtract the income tax) in concept yet to be defined.

Screening places. The works will be screened at places, not defined, in Madrid and Bilbao (Basque Country).

Exhibition rights. The author guarantees that the use of the piece for this purpose will not infringe or violate any human or entity rights, and he has complete authority to guarantee the rights here exposed, including copyright, breach, publicity and privacy rights, as well as trade union rights (when needed).

The author agrees to release the display shows Phantom of any claim for third parties that may arise from use of this work consistently with the rights it guarantees.

By registering to the Phantom Screen Festival you agree explicitly of these terms and conditions as well as giving temporal rights to the organization to exhibit the selected piece (as long as the Phantom Screen Festival lasts).



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